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Motorway Driving in the UK

Motorway Driving in the UK

In the UK, the motorways are the fastest roads available, even though they sometimes don’t seem very fast when the traffic is heavy!  Here are some helpful hints for driving on Britain’s motorways.

Join the motorway via a slip road.  It is a good idea to accelerate roughly up to the speed of the motorway, as this will make it easier to slot into the flow of cars.  It is important to give way to cars on the road already, by checking your mirrors and looking over your shoulder.

It is important to stick to the left side of the road as much as you can.  As long as the road ahead is clear, you should stay left for as long as possible.  You can overtake slower vehicles by using the middle and right lane, but you should head back over to the left as soon as possible after completing your manoeuvre.  The police can now pull drivers over if they appear to be “hogging” the middle lane!

Overtaking should be done on the right of other vehicles, unless you are crawling along in a jam.  Always check in your mirrors and blindspot before pulling out!